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Welcome to Ora .

Ora wants to be the necessary reconciliation of the party & the responsible, the vegetable & the taste, the short circuit & the fair prices.
It is an ode to the earth, to life, to sharing, and to the celebration of the 4 seasons.
A large festive and welcoming dining room.

Why Ora?
In homage to the passing hours, the trees turning brown and the seasons passing.
In reference to the Hebrew etymology of light, which enlightens, reassures, and makes grow.
In a nod, finally, to the aura that we wish for this project, which invites to more awareness and ethics.

This is manifested by meticulously sourced products, in close collaboration with producers who are passionate about seasonal fruits and vegetables only.
By a unique menu in the evening, changing every week, avoiding any waste and overproduction.
By mottled or recycled decoration, and special attention paid to water and energy consumption.

An approach perfectly aligned with that of La Caserne, the largest ecological transition accelerator in Europe, dedicated to fashion and luxury.

A project thought of as a necessity to preserve our world, and an invitation to different, altruistic and sustainable modes of consumption.


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Vegetarian restaurant, Pubs / Late Pubs

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Debit Card, Cash, Restaurant Ticket

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Mon - Sat

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